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Technology is not as helpful for everyone as it could be.

Significance Labs wants to help fix that.

We imagine a world where the 75 million Americans who live on less than $25,000 a year benefit as much from the disruptive power of technology as the well-off.

A world where the tech community helps solve problems in early childhood education, criminal justice, financial exclusion, and preventative healthcare.

Significance Labs at Blue Ridge helps technology’s leading entrepreneurs to design and build high-uptake high impact products that serve the needs those Americans underserved by technology.

We launched in March with a fellowship program for technology leaders and other programs designed to bring together those who design technology with those underserved by technology.

We’re currently hiring, and looking for community partners. Openings and requests are listed below. If you’re interested, we hope you can join us. Please email us at to express your interest.

We’re hiring

If you’re up for a challenging, meaningful role with a great team, check out our openings.

1. We’re hiring a Part-time Community Liaison Manager

Significance labs is looking for 1-2 community liaison managers to connect Significance Labs with members of communities who are underserved by technology. We’re looking to work with people who are a mixture of head and heart, and who have a track record, whatever your age, of getting things done to a high standard. You need to be organized, outgoing, and who can rapidly gain trust and credibility in communities underserved by technology. This is not an office role – you’ll be out in communities interacting. Click here to learn more.

2. We’re hiring a Part-time Communications Project Manager

Significance labs is looking for a community/communications managers to be a front-facing person for the members of the tech community we will be bringing together as part of Significance Labs. Click here to learn more.

We’re looking for community guides for our Day in the Life program

We’re reaching out to community members who would be interested in meeting some of our tech fellows and spending time chatting with them about how technology might be able to improve your life. Click here to learn more.

Learn more about Significance Labs:

Significance Labs



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