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Blue Ridge Celebrates 15 Years

Learn more about the impact of our first 15 years

Since 1999 we have supported great entrepreneurs with ideas that create a meaningful social impact, especially for people living in high poverty communities. We provided these start ups with seed funding, co-working space in our offices, and hands-on support to help them build, launch, and test their concepts.

With the departure of Mattt Klein, our first staff person and Executive Director, we’re exploring what the future might look like for Blue Ridge and testing new models of innovation through the incubation of Significance Labs. In the meantime, while we are continuing to support our existing grantees, we are no longer accepting new applications for funding.

Featured News & Ideas From Our Blog


Announcing Matthew Klein’s Transition

On March 17, 2014, Matthew Klein, Blue Ridge Foundation New York’s first staff person and Executive Director, transitioned from Blue Ridge to join the administration of New York City Mayor de Blasio.  He now works in the Mayor’s Office of Operations, serving as Senior Advisor for Service Innovation to the Director, Mindy Tarlow, and as the new Executive Director of the Center for Economic Opportunity. In his new role, Matt will be focusing on how New York City assesses opportunity and inequality; bringing effective anti-poverty approaches to scale; and using technology and data to enhance the delivery of social services. The following is a letter from Matt t…

FastCo Exist Highlights DPO

Blue Ridge’s Digital Prototype Opportunity initiative was highlighted in Fast Company Exist.  The article described the products that we are building, along with ThoughtWorks and Parsons, for our two winners, Health Leads and Cool Culture, and frames our work with exactly the motivation that sparked it: “Now that everyone’s got a smart phone, we need apps that serve low-income groups.” Many digital products being created to address social challenges are being built by people who are not deeply familiar with the problems they are attempting to solve.  Likewise, social sector professionals are not typically thinking about how the Internet migh…

President Highlights iMentor & Blue Engine

At the White House College Opportunity Summit, President Obama called out iMentor and Blue Engine, two ventures built at Blue Ridge.  iMentor was created in house, and Blue Ridge provided Blue Engine its first funding, space in our offices, and management support during its first five years.  The President cited the contributions of both to increasing college opportunity for low-income students, noting iMentor’s growth and focus on college guidance, and Blue Engine’s success in boosting academic skills.  We are, of course, quite proud and excited on behalf of iMentor and Blue Engine, their teams, and their leaders, Mike O’Brien and Nick Ehrmann.…